Program Features

PODER offers comprehensive, tuition-free English education and job training programs for Chicago’s Spanish- speaking adult immigrants at all education levels, including:Adult Basic Education in Spanish for students with limited formal education in their native language, as a precursor to English education courses.

Accelerated written and oral English (ESL) classes

Microsoft Word & Excel software training that familiarizes students with programs found in most workplaces.

Oprima-1, a bilingual work/study program that prepares students for full-time employment with English language, telecommunication and customer skills.

PODER’s professional, disciplined approach ensures that students receive the highest quality education and training.

PODER also incorporates a civic engagement component into its curriculum in order to prepare students to become involved and empowered members of their communities.

Unlike many non-profits offering English education courses, PODER’s teachers are paid professionals who maintain a positive and disciplined learning environment.
PODER students are expected to commit to their studies and contribute to a positive, motivating culture. All programs are adults only, limiting distractions.



Ofreciendo cursos virtuales de Inglés y Capacitación Laboral.

Offering virtual English and Job Training courses.

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