Civic Engagement Initiatives

At PODER, we view civic engagement as a vital part of our mission to help immigrants integrate into U.S. society. This year, we are collaborating with partner organizations to ensure every eligible individual is registered to vote. Below are the different voter registration initiatives we’re currently involved in and we encourage you to join us! Act. Participate. Vote.

Bilingual Voter Registration Drive

PODER is sponsoring a bilingual voter registration drive in partnership with the Hispanic National Bar Association on Saturday, September 10.

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Forefront and Nonprofit VOTE

PODER was selected as one of eight nonprofits in IL to participate in the Nonprofit VOTE 2016 campaign. As a partner organization, we are helping to establish a sustainable, scalable model for nonprofits to engage with constituents in nonpartisan voter engagement activities. This collaboration has broader impact on the role of nonprofits in civic engagement initiatives and we are excited to be involved. Forefront has a collection of materials on their website explaining where you can register to vote, find your polling location, or read more about the importance of casting your vote.

Get Out the Vote for Latinos 2016

PODER is a proud NCLR & LULAC affiliate. As an NCLR partner, PODER has access to online voter registration tools that make the voter registration process seamless. The Latinos Vote 2016 initiative has made it easy to register online to vote. You can register here!

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LULAC’s network of nationwide councils has provided PODER with a strong network of organizations committed to including Latinos in civic engagement activities. They have provided materials to help us in our GOTV activities on Chicago’s southwest side.

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With the support of both NCLR and & LULAC, PODER has the support necessary to encourage Chicago’s Latino community to make their voices heard in the 2016 election.